Parents for Healthy Homes 


Parents for Healthy Homes is a group working to improve children's health and wellbeing by eliminating harmful housing conditions. 

A little background on our group:

Who we are: Parents, grandparents and other residents concerned about the health of our community's children.

What we do: Learn, Connect, Activate.

How we do it: Advocate for change with public officials, footwork in the community, plan for action in monthly meetings.

Why you should join: Become part of a peer-support network that is working to protect members’ children and learning and leading community change that keeps everyone’s children safe.

We are a group truly lead by parents, for parents. We are taking a stand for healthy housing and safe housing environments for our children. We gather, we share about the important issues in our community, andwe take action.

First we learn about healthy housing and the hazards that could be in the home. Then we connect with each other to build our group’s collective power and with other parents to continue spreading awareness. Finally, we activate. If parents across our city join their voices we can put up a strong fight for change in the systems that have failed to protect our communities. Together we have the power to declare issues like lead poisoning, vapor intrusion, or pest infestations as unacceptable and to demand change.

Join us to discuss what we can do to make a difference and do some footwork in the community. For more information about meeting dates, email Abigail, or call (616) 241-3300 x308.

We need to protect our children!



Healthy Homes Coalition is looking for dedicated and compassionate individuals to help serve our community!