Peer Education for Lead Safety

The Healthy Homes Coalition trains volunteers from the community to teach others abour lead poisoning, how to identify risks in the home, and strategies for protecting children. We call this our Peer Education program. Think of it as parents teaching other parents about lead safety, although some of our educators are grand parents, neighbors, or simply those interested in helping othr protect thier children from lead.

Below are links to the materials shared in the Lead Education Family Binder.


Chapter 1. Lead Basics

A) Know the Facts about Lead
B) Sources of Lead


Chapter 2. Combatting Lead in the Home

A) Is Your Home Lead Safe?
B) Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home
C) Guide to Cleaning Lead (MDHHS)
D) Lead Safe Cleaning of Windows and Floors (Healthy Homes Coalition)
E) Clean your Aerator
F) Water Filter Products


Chapter 3. Home Lead Assessment

A) Lead Sampling Requirements
B) Lead Professional Services Checklist
C) What to Expect from a Lead Inspection
D) What to Expect from a Lead Risk Assessment
E) What to Expect from an Abatement Contractor


Chapter 4. Get the Lead Out

A) GTLO Brochure (English)
B) GTLO Eligibility Form
C) GTLO Application (homeowner)
D) GTLO Application (rental)
E) GTLO Non-Grand Rapids Residents


Chapter 5. Lead Safe Work Practice

A) Don’t Spread Lead
B) Video Links


Chapter 6. Lead Blood Levels

A) What your Child’s Blood Test Means
B) Blood Lead Level Information
C) Fight Lead Poisoning with a Healthy Diet
D) How to Protect Yourself as a Pregnant or Nursing Mother


Extra Information:


Materials for Trainers

Lead Education Binder Cover - for Parents
Lead Education Binder Cover - for Peer Educators
Binder Index
Healthy Homes Cover Sheet
Post Education Survey

Trainer PowerPoint Parts 1 & 2
Trainer PowerPoint Part 3
Home Visit PowerPoint


Healthy Homes Coalition is looking for dedicated and compassionate individuals to help serve our community!