Resources for Families

General guidance: The CDC has a lot of information on COVID-19 and recommendations on how to stay safe at home.

For those with asthma, we have posted these UPDATED guidelines. They include the guidance from the CDC and Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Disinfecting homes: We've posted some simple guidance on cleaning and disinfecting your home safely and effectively that follow CDC guidance.

Family resources:

There is a wealth of other healthy housing resources as part of our Staying Safe at Home campaign on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, or our blog (which includes much material in Spanish).

If you have questions or concerns about the health and safety of your home, reach out to us at

For any other assistance please call 211 for local resources.


Operations Update

As our community adapts to the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” directive, it has become clear that we are all staying home and staying safe, together. Over the past several weeks, the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan has experienced a great deal of change.

On March 13, Healthy Homes suspended all home visiting, community outreach activities,and group meetings. Beginning Monday, March 23, Healthy Homes staff transitioned to working from home. That situation will remain in place until April 30th as directed by the Governor, and will be updated if further directives are made.

With the increased time everyone is spending at home now, Healthy Homes is staying relevant by sharing information through our Staying Safe at Home campaign. We have proactively launched a multi-faceted communications campaign featuring tips and advice on how to stay safe at home and make our homes healthier.  Our goal is to engage with parents, families, the entire community, and with you, as we all shelter in place. You can see and share our content on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, or our blog (which includes much material in Spanish). If you see something you like, please share it with others! 

The Healthy Homes Coalition has, to date, been able to maintain our staff of seven. Some are working on the Staying Safe at Home campaign, others are working to launch our home screening program, and still others are using this time to conduct extensive quality improvement activities to make sure we come out of the back of this experience stronger and more effective than ever before.

Our core focuses at this time are:

  • Stronger Communications
  • Stronger Programs
  • Stronger Staff Team
  • Stronger Financial Position

One of our highest priorities is to maintain our organization's financial health in the light of the pandemic. We are doing everything we can, from controlling expenses to tapping federal relief reosurces. Know that we are continually managing our financial health to ensure that we are not being short-sighted in these trying times. If you would like to help with a special gift to keep us resilient, relevant, and helping families, please click here.


How to Support HH at this time:

If you would like to help with a special gift to keep us resilient, relevant, and helping families, please click here.



Please share the content on our our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, or our blog (which includes much material in Spanish) with others!