Healthy Homes in the News 


April 2020 - Street Talk: Staying safe at home (Grand Rapids Business Journal)

March 2020 - Healthy Homes hosting online lessons to keep you safe during pandemic (WZZM 13 On Your Side)

February 2020 - New Lead Action Team to coordinate response on lead cases in Grand Rapids, Kent County (Michigan Radio)

February 2020 - Lead screening for all children ages 2 and younger part of Grand Rapids-Kent County plan (Grand Rapids Press / Mlive)

February 2020 - New Kent County action team tackles lead exposure (WOOD-TV 8)

October 2019 - $4.2M grant to help address lead poisoning in Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids Press / Mlive)

August 2019 - Michigan AG's office reviewing lawsuit to hold companies liable for putting lead in products (Michigan Radio - NPR)

July 2019 - Parents call for better inspections to stop lead poisoning in Grand Rapids (Michigan Radio - NPR)

June 2019 - Inside Track: Haan’s mission: lead eradicator (Grand Rapids Business Journal)


May 2019 - Cinco de Mayo celebration raising money to combat lead poisoning in Grand Rapids (WZZM 13 On Your Side)

May 2019 - Kent hiring two lead inspectors (Grand Rapids Business Journal)

April 2019 - Kent County hires 2 health workers to ramp up lead-poisoning investigations (Grand Rapids Press / Mlive)

April 2019 - Kent Co. Health Dept. to add 2 sanitarians to fight lead poisoning (FOX-17)

April 2019 - Grand Rapids faces costly lingering lead crisis in homes (Michigan Advance)

March 2019 - Street Talk: Lead Leaders (Grand Rapids Business Journal)


June 2018 - Verify: Would a stronger EPA rule affect lead dust regulations in West Michigan? (WZZM-13)

May 2018 - Local Family Shares Experience with Get the Lead Out Program (The Rapidian)

May 2018 - Housing developers struggle with ROI for costly abatements (MiBiz)


May 2018 - Next steps for putting a stop to West Michigan's lead problem (WZZM-13)


May 2018 - Ongoing efforts seek to fix West Michigan's lead problem​ (WZZM-13)


May 2018 - Lead often found in older rental homes (WZZM-13)


May 2018 - By the numbers: Lead paint's impact in Kent, Ottawa and Muskegon County (WZZM-13)


May 2018 - Lead poisoning is a growing threat for West Michigan children (WZZM-13)

May 2018 - West Michigan's Lead Problem (WZZM-13)


April 2018 - Grand Rapids family talks about experience with lead poisoning (WZZM-13)


April 2018 - Michigan legislators learn about lead poisoning by those who it's directly affected (WZZM-13)


April 2018 - Local effort seeks to protect kids from lead dangers (WZZM-13)

April 2018 - Some Grand Rapids residents can get lead paint removed from homes for free (Michigan Radio)

April 2018 - Lead-based paint removel free for some households (WOOD TV-8)

March 2018 - Grand Rapids parent fighting lead poisoning wins environmental award (Grand Rapids Press / Mlive)

February 2018 - State of the City: Mayor vows aggressive response to spike in lead poisoning (Grand Rapids Press / Mlive)

February 2018 - GR Mayor discusses economic development issues in 3rd State of the City address (MiBiz)


January 2018 - Grand Rapids area business joins fight against lead poisoning (WZZM-13)


December 2017 - Parents react to Kent County Lead Task Force recommendations (FOX-17)

December 2017 - Meeting held to address lead poisonings in Kent Co. (WOOD TV-8)

December 2017 - Lead Task Force holds meeting in Grand Rapids (WZZM-13)

December 2017 - High lead levels: Grand Rapids leaders working to educate parents (FOX-17)

November 2017 - Lead Poisoning on the Rise in Kent County (Grand Rapids Times) (2.3 MB PDF)

November 2017 - Lead poisoning in children under 6 jumped 28% in Detroit in 2016 (Detroit Free Press)

November 2017 - It’s not just Flint: Michigan lead levels up after long decline (Bridge)

November 2017 - Guest Column: Another ‘hottest ZIP code’ in GR: 49507 tops list of lead-poisoned children (Grand Rapids Business Journal)

November 2017 - Residents of Grand Rapids southeast side come together to advocate against lead poisoning (Rapid Growth)

November 2017 - Grand Rapids has more lead poisoned children than Flint (The River 100.5 FM)

November 2017 -  Parents react to data showing 49507 leads state in lead poisoned children (Rapidian)

November 2017 - Lead problem on the rise in Grand Rapids neighborhood (Mlive)


November 2017 - Lead-poisoned children on the rise in Kent County (FOX-17)


November 2017 - Lead poisoning cases on the rise in Kent County (WOOD TV-8)


November 2017 - More kids poisoned by lead in one Grand Rapids zip code than in all of Flint (WZZM TV-13)

November 2017 - Lead poisoning cases on the rise in Kent County (WOOD Radio)

November 2017 - Lead Poisoning on the Rise in Kent County (Michigan Radio)

November 2017 - Lead poisoning on the rise in Kent County — 40% rise in zip code 49507 (WKTV)


October 2017 - Home-based lead poisoning, other child health hazards, discussed on latest WKTV Journal: In Focus (WKTV)

August 2017 - Door-to-door lead awareness campaign will visit Grand Rapids neighborhood (Mlive)

August 2017 - Environmental justice listening session in Grand Rapids (WZZM-13)

June 2017 - City of Grand Rapids and community partners aim to make 50 homes lead-safe this summer (WKTV)

June 2017 - 50 homes targeted for Get The Lead Out! program (Mlive)


April 2017 - Carbon monoxide alarms: 'There's no reason not to have them in your home' (WZZM-13)

December 2016 - 'How much more can this person take?' Residents & community groups fight for access to everyday life (Rapid Growth)

November 2016 - Millions in state funding will fight lead in Michigan homes (FOX-17)

November 2016 - Lead poisoning is statewide, help is not (Great Lakes Echo)


November 2016 - Inside Michigan’s push to eliminate child lead poisoning (WOOD-TV 8)

August 2016 - Lead poisoning up in kids: Surge in remodeling, rental demand blamed for spike (Mlive)


August 2016 - Target 8: Poison paint jobs still endangering GR kids (WOOD TV-8)


July 2016 - $2.9M grant to strip lead-based paint from GR homes (WOOD TV-8)


July 2016 - Grand Rapids receives grant to remove lead paint from homes (FOX-17)

July 2016 - $2.9M lead removal grant coming to Grand Rapids (Mlive)

July 2016 - Snyder names West Michigan leaders to lead poisoning board (Grand Rapids Business Journal)

June 2016 - Kent County sees 30 percent increase in childhood lead exposure (WGVU Radio)

June 2016 - GR mayor among members of new lead exposure task force (WGVU Radio)

June 2016 - Critics: MI lead remediation underfunded (WKAR)

March 2016 - More kids in Grand Rapids 'are being poisoned by lead' (Mlive)

March 2016 - As more children are poisoned by lead in Grand Rapids, community advocates work for change (Rapid Growth)


March 2016 - Child lead poisoning cases rise in Grand Rapids (WOOD TV-8)


March 2016 - Lead poisoning cases on the rise in Grand Rapids (FOX-17)


March 2016 - Lead paint poisons Grand Rapids children (WZZM-13)


February 2016 - Target 8: Lead safety scofflaws endanger kids (WOOD TV-8)

January 2016 - Kids' Lead Levels High in Many Michigan Cities (Detroit News)

January 2016 - Need To Get The Lead Out In GR! Older Homes Hold The Biggest Threat (Grand Rapids Times)

January 2016 - Healthy Homes Coalition discusses possible lead sources (WZZM-13)


January 2016 - Lead poisoning in W. MI: ‘It’s not something in the past’ (WOOD TV-8)


December 2015 - Data shows even higher lead poisoning in kids in West Michigan than Flint (FOX-17)

December 2015 - Far from Flint, lead remains an irreversible scourge (Bridge)


November 2015 - NPO Showcase (GRTV)

March 2015 - Federal and local money work to stop lead poisoning in city (Grand Rapids Business Journal)

February 2015 - Carbon monoxide danger: Free detectors for families; 4 safety tips for all (Mlive)

October 2014 - Lead poisoning prevention as economic development (The Rapidian)

September 2014 - Getting the word out about Get the Lead Out (Michigan Radio)


From WYCE: 

September 2014 - Catalyst Radio: Grants available through Healthy Homes Coalition get lead contamination out of homes (WYCE via The Rapidian)

September 2014 - Get the Lead Out! (WZZM-13)

September 2014 - 'Get the Lead Out': Program to help families make homes safe (Fox 17)

September 2014 - Grants available to remove lead poisoning in Grand Rapids homes (Mlive)

September 2014 - Special funding for GR homeowners to remove lead (WWMT-3)


September 2014 - GR neighborhoods leading MI for most lead poisoned kids (Wood TV-8)

September 2014 - Grand Rapids leads state in children with lead poisoning (WZZM-13)

June 2014 - Report: Lead Exposure Costs Michigan $300 Million Annually (Fox 17)

June 2014 - Healthy Homes helps families breathe easier (Wood TV-8)

June, 2013 - Healthy Homes: Unsafely Removing Lead-Based Paint Hurts Children (guest Commentary) (Mlive)

November, 2012 - Home Health to Public Health (Rapid Growth) 

June, 2012 - Local Organization Prevents Health and Safety Hazards in Our Neighborhoods (Rapid Growth)

July, 2011 - Get The Lead Out! cleans up 1,000th Grand Rapids home; 78% fewer children have lead poisoning (Rapid Growth)

March, 2011 - Leaders of the Lead Rebellion (Rapid Growth) 

Did You Know...

Lead-based paint, lead dust, and lead in the soil are the cause of nine out of ten childhood lead poisoning cases in Kent County, Michigan.