In Case of Emergency

If you or someone you know with asthma is suffering from an asthma attack get to an emergency room or call 911 immediately.


Make Your Property Asthma Friendly

If people can’t breathe, they don’t stay. Properties with more asthma triggers can lead to higher turnover rates.


Mold & Moisture

Mold and Moisture can be triggers for people with asthma and allergies. Before renting out your property there are a few things you can do to address issues of mold and moisture. Addressing mold and moisture will help improve tenant retention and will increases the value of your property. Promptly address reports of leaks and moisture. Maintain roofs, gutters, and drainage. Provide dehumidifiers for damp basements. Consider installing mechanical ventilation in bathroom and kitchens, because who wants to shower next to an open window on a cold winter day?


Pest Management

Rodents and pests not only destroy your property, but they can also be triggers for asthma and allergies. The longer an infestation persists, the more the allergens build up around the house. 



Current evidence shows that carpeting is problematic for people with allergies and asthma. Dust mites and other particulates that are contained within carpeting can be triggers. Despite the greater cost upfront, replacing carpets with durable, hard-surfaced flooring can be more cost-effective in the long run by reducing maintenance costs at turnover. 



By enforcing smoke-free housing policies, you are providing a safe and attractive place to live. Secondhand smoke increases the severity and number of asthma attacks, and has be proven to even contribute tot he development of asthma in young children. HUD provides a useful guide on the benefits of implementing smoke-free housing. 

For more information on making your property asthma friendly, contact the Healthy Homes Coalition

Did You Know...

More than ten million school days are missed each year due to asthma.


Toolkit for Smoke Free Housing(6.2 MB)

HUD Toolkit for Owners and Management on implementing smoke free housing. 

Green Cleaning before Disinfecting!

There is a step before disinfecting that many might skip.  You might think, “to save some time, why not just spray the counters down with a bleach solution and wipe away any dirt and grime at the same time?”  But to effectively disinfect a surface, it must be properly cleaned first. Switching to green-cleaning (before disinfection!) will improve your home's air quality, remove harsh chemicals from your environment and help you stay safe at home.

Limpieza Ecologica Antes de Desinfectar!

Hay un paso antes de desinfectar que muchos podrían omitir. Para ahorrar algo de tiempo, ¿por qué no simplemente rociar los mostradores con una solución de cloro  y limpiar la suciedad y la mugre al mismo tiempo? Para desinfectar efectivamente una superficie, primero debe limpiarse adecuadamente. Mejorará la calidad del aire de su hogar, eliminará los productos químicos agresivos de su entorno y lo ayudará a mantenerse seguro en su hogar.

Prevencion de Intoxicaciones Accidentales en el Hogar

Durante esta pandemia, es probable que pasemos cerca del 100% de nuestro tiempo en nuestros hogares. Ahora es un buen momento para inspeccionar nuestros hogares en busca de riesgos potenciales de exposición accidental al veneno y eliminar tales peligros fuera de la vista / alcance de los niños y adultos mayores vulnerables. Por favor, sea diligente en proteger a su familia. ¡Mantenerse seguro en casa es más importante ahora que nunca!