Help Stop Lead Poisoning in Grand Rapids


Lead poisoning causes permanent brain damage. 

In Grand Rapids, more than 350 children were poisoned by lead in 2014. In the 49507, 49504, and 49503 zip codes, nearly one out of every ten children are lead poisoned (see this map).

How can we live comfortably in a city where 300 kids are lead poisoned each year?

In Grand Rapids, and across the State, we need to put an end to childhood lead poisoning. The Healthy Homes Coalition has been working on this problem since 2006 and has been making steady progress for the past ten years. We know what to do.

The situation in Flint has awoken the sleeping giant of childhood lead poisoning and is trying our patience. Where once we were satisfied with the steady progress we have been making, that's no longer good enough. We need to end lead poisoning in Flint, in Grand Rapids, and across the state of Michigan now!

To end childhood lead poisoning as fast as possible, we need your help.

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On average, another child is lead poisoned in Grand Rapids each and every day.  We need your support right away so that we can protect each and every one of our children. Please help.

We want you to trust us to make a difference with your support. If you'd like more information on the dire situation with lead poisoning in Grand Rapids and want to know what we plan to do with the community's support, please click here.

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The Healthy Homes Coalition and #LeadFreeGR need your help to end childhood lead poisoning in Grand Rapids.

Now is the time to make the change.

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100% of your gift will go to work to end childhood lead poisoning in Grand Rapid and across the state of Michigan. Your support will help us assess homes for risk, mobilize grassroots action at the local level, and engage local, state and federal policy makers in policy reform and appropriating sufficient resource to get the job done.