Combining In-Home Education with Housing Interventions Improves Childhood Asthma Control

“Like other chronic health problems, preventing and controlling asthma is not just about individual behavior. It takes changing the unhealthy environments where people live, and supporting them to develop the knowledge and skills,” said Dr. James Krieger, chief of the Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Section at Public Health–Seattle and King County.

Make Healthier Homes a Priority in Kent County

What do you see as health concerns for your community? Throughout the coming months, you have the chance to fight for healthy homes by shaping future priorities for the Kent County Health Department (KCHD) and the area's five non-profit hospitals. Join us in advocating for healthier housing for kids.

Healthy Housing Leads to Community Success

Imagine that early childhood success is a new car that you have just purchased. Fresh off the lot, nothing is more important to you than the shiny new car that represents kids succeeding in school. But what if you fail to change the oil?