COVID-19 Leads to Innovation

In January 2020, the Healthy Homes Coalition was notified that the voter-approved Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage would be supporting efforts to increase primary prevention of lead poisoning and other housing-related health outcomes for children in Kent County. This culminated years of work with numerous partners who provide home visiting services in an effort to check and test homes before children are hurt.

Then COVID-19 hit...

Working Remotely to Help Families Have Safer Homes

While Healthy Homes' staff left the office and began working remotely back in March of this year, our commitment to help parents provide healthier homes for their children continues. This unique partnership is easy for Healthy Homes, because keeping parents in the driver's seat has always been one of our core values. Our strategic plan says "we will use a family-centered approach to promote housing environments where children thrive and achieve their highest potential."

Support for Families in Trying Times

The staff and board of the Healthy Homes Coalition have been amazed at the way in which this community has stepped up, during hard times, to support our work. Together we are busy ensuring children have safe, healthy homes where they can shelter during the pandemic.

Mantenerse a salvo en casa: prueba de plomo en el suelo de su jardin

A medida que el clima cambia, muchas personas buscan comenzar a cultivar un huerto y pueden preocuparse por el contenido de plomo en el suelo de su jardín. Esta es una preocupación legítima para los jardineros urbanos dado el uso desenfrenado de plomo en pinturas domésticas y gasolina en el pasado. 

Staying Safe at Home: Testing Your Garden Soil for Lead

As the weather turns, many folks are looking to start gardening and may be concerned about the lead content in their garden soil. This is a legitimate concern for urban gardeners given the rampant use of lead in household paints and gasoline in the past. Healthy Homes Coalition Executive Director and avid gardener Paul Haan has some tips.