"I was angry at myself for not protecting my child."

“I was angry at myself for not protecting my child.”

This would seem a natural reaction for any parent.  We are all focused on protecting our children and making sure they are strong and healthy.

However, the lead in the paint that made her daughter Lucy sick was not her fault. Yet Kristin was angry at both herself and her husband. 

Then anxiety set in and she took action. She went into “Mama Bear” mode.

Building Parent Power

Healthy Homes is excited to welcome our new community organizer Talor Musil. She will be leading the community through her passionate efforts to create affordable and safe housing. 

Healthy Homes Coalition Awarded Grant to Solve Wicked Problems

The Healthy Homes Coalition recently applied for and secured a $5,000 Lead Poisoning Awareness Community mini-grant from the National Center for Healthy Housing to mobilize local stakeholders. The grant will help Grand Rapids address the unacceptable fact that the 49507 zip code in Grand Rapids continues to lead the state of Michigan with the number of lead-poisoned children. 

Seasonal Asthma Tips

It's back to school season for our kiddos and parents should be aware of all asthma symptoms and triggers. Healthy Homes is providing 5 helpful tips.