FREE Lead Testing Kits


Are you worried that you might have lead in your home? We can give you the tools you need to know for sure.

Lead can cause permanent brain damage in young kids, and makes it difficult for children to do well in school. Sadly, Kent County has one of the highest lead poisoning rates in the state with 6.2% of children under age 6 having elevated blood lead levels in 2015 (MDHHS). That’s why the Healthy Homes Coalition is committed to working with the community to find ways to make our homes as safe as possible for our youngest members.

We want you to be equipped to make the best choices for your little one. The free program is simple, user-friendly, and can be used on phones, tablets, and computers. Step one involves answering a series of online questions to help you and the program identify possible lead hazards in your home. In step two, you will receive a free lead test kit to test paint, soil, dust, water, and other areas in your home for lead. In as little as an hour of your time, you can be at ease knowing the best way to keep your kids safe from lead poisoning.

Please call us if you:

-Have a child two years of age or younger, are pregnant, or are planning a pregnancy

-Live in a home built before 1978

If that’s you, your child is at risk. To learn more and to take advantage of this FREE program with Healthy Homes, call 616-241-3300 or email

You are the best advocate for your child’s development and safety!