Building Parent Power


Healthy Homes is excited to welcome our new community organizer Talor Musil. She will be leading the community through her passionate efforts to create affordable and safe housing. 

What will you be doing?

I care about housing because it determines so many parts of your life – where you eat, where you go to school, who your support system is, how you get from place to place – and right now, your children’s health and future. A zip code shouldn’t determine a families’ health. 49507 has the highest number of lead poisoned children of any zip code in the state, and that’s a huge injustice that can’t be ignored. I want all kids to be given the opportunity to grow and succeed, not just those in neighborhoods that have the resources to clean up the hazards. I want to see the end of childhood lead poisoning and parents to feel confident speaking out to their landlords and community leaders. If parents don’t demand action from their community, then children will continue to be in danger.

I am here to connect parents and grandparents worried about the hidden dangers in their home to each other, and inspire them to join together to spread the word and demand protection for their children. I am bringing people together for a common cause: safe affordable housing. There is power in numbers and unity. We all want safer housing and once you join voices you can make change happen. Change is possible. I look forward to working with our grassroots group Parents for Healthy Homes to make a difference in our children’s lives.

Why you are excited to be at Healthy Homes? 

I'm excited to be at Healthy Homes because our community is overdue for a not so west-Michigan nice response to the housing crisis we're facing. I'm passionate about waking people up about the lack of safe affordable housing for families in Grand Rapids and about making sure the families who have dealt with unsafe unaffordable housing are dreaming and driving the solutions. Since moving to Grand Rapids five years ago, I've learned how strong yet sometimes disconnected neighborhoods can be. There are incredible community advocates who have never met each other. I hope to create unity by getting concerned parents talking to each other and asking big questions like"

  • Why are families forced to choose dangerous housing over homelessness?
  • Why aren't landlords held accountable for housing that hurts children?
  • Why do communities have to wait for big developers to arrive before discovering the quality of their home?
  • Why do we not ask families what they would like to see done about all of this?

It's time for parents to speak out and tell the truth about housing in Grand Rapids.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Outside of work I spend a lot of time volunteering in my community and with my friends. I’m always up for a spontaneous road trip my favorite city Pittsburgh and spend lots of Saturday mornings thrift shopping. I also enjoy eating at local restaurants and exploring new places in Grand Rapids.


Want to join Parents for Healthy Homes? Contact Talor or call/text her at (616)439-4236  and let her know you'd like to be a part of the solution!