The Face Behind the Phone


Job Title:

Administrative Assistant

What is your role at HHC? 

I’m the Healthy Homes Coalition’s Administrative Assistant, which is a broad role that supports the whole office.

What does your average day consist of?

That’s hard to say, I do a bit of everything. I will handle everything from all the little administrative tasks like answering phone calls from families and partner organizations to tracking donations and donor communication to data management and IT support. Everything I do helps the office operate effectively and efficiently.

What brought you to Healthy Homes?

Before Healthy Homes I worked in sales. I was looking for an opportunity to use my background in way that would positively impact my community by solving problems.  I’m not originally from Grand Rapids, but it is my home now, and I wanted to participate in addressing some of the challenges my neighbors are facing here.


Why you are excited to be here at Healthy Homes? 

I am excited to be here at Healthy Homes because it’s an opportunity to use my skills to benefit my community. I have always sought out volunteer opportunities and tried to stay active in my community.  I know it’s a gift to be employed by an organization that is working towards strengthening our community equitably. To me being proud to live in Grand Rapids means being willing to acknowledge and address the bad as well as the good. Since starting here I have only become more aware of the housing issues parents are faced with in Grand Rapids, and am proud to contribute to solutions in every way I can.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I’ve only lived in Grand Rapids for three years, which means I still have a lot to explore here. Michigan is beautiful, I enjoy getting outdoors, hiking and taking advantage of all the great natural spaces here. I moved here with my dog Ted, he’s a great buddy to go on adventures with.  I really appreciate all the local business, music and art in Grand Rapids.  I’ve also learned to love visiting all the great breweries. I like to get to know new people, and there is no better place to meet a stranger in west Michigan than at a brewery!