Emergency Care Specialists: Helping the Community In and Out of the Hospital


Emergency room visits can become a part of life for the families Healthy Homes serves, especially those families who deal with severe asthma. Of the six million children in the US with asthma, about 1 in 6 will need emergency care.

Dealing with the uncertainty of an asthma attack or any emergency can be upsetting and stressful; it’s beyond important to receive care that is trustworthy and helpful.

That’s where care providers like Emergency Care Specialists come in. ECS is a local group of physicians, emergency medicine residents, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who provide emergency care to patients in West Michigan.  

The common picture of emergency staff are people employed directly by a hospital, but ECS is "independent and democratic" in their approach. They work as partners in their own company, and they contract with local hospitals to provide care. Being equal owners gives the doctors more freedom to treat patients how they choose.

Since they started in 1984, ECS has grown from partnering with one hospital to over nine locations in West Michigan. Last year alone, they cared for more than 400,000 patients locally.

Dr. Bryan Judge (pictured right), a physician and toxicologist, has been working for ECS since 2003. He gave us some insight into how they care for their patients, and why they choose to be a part of Healthy Homes as an event sponsor.

“Our driving mission at Emergency Care Specialists is to provide the highest level of emergency care services to patients and strong emergency department solutions to our partnering hospitals.”

ECS has been a long-time sponsor of Healthy Homes’ annual Building Healthy Futures luncheon.

“The people that make up Emergency Care Specialists believe in giving back to the communities we serve - that is the primary driver in supporting organizations such as Healthy Homes.”

The people at ECS take the time and commitment to work on improving patients lives both inside and outside the hospital.

“Our job is to make things better, from broken bones to heart attacks we are ready to help people in their greatest time of need.”

We appreciate all ECS does to help people in their most vulnerable life moments. Thanks for all you do for your patients and for Healthy Homes families!