Seven Equity Impacts Related to Childhood Lead Poisoning


Achieving Equity and Eliminating Lead Poisoning

In August 2018, nearly 40 national experts came together at the Equity Analysis of Lead Policies Consensus Conference in Chicago. They identified seven equity impacts related to children being exposed to lead.
1) Exacerbated inequities and mistrust resulting from poor community engagement.

2) Fragmented lead policy frameworks.

3) Disproportionate cost of unfunded remediation.

4) Unfair stigmatization.

5) Few protections for low-income tenants.

6) Barriers to remediation for low-income homeowners.

7) Threat of housing displacement among low-income communities.

The Healthy Homes Coalition takes this report seriously. As we fight to end lead poisoning, it is imperative that we fight first to reduce historic health disparities as we work towards universal elimination. Healthy Homes is leading in this work as we engage parents and the community as leaders in this work. We fully support integrated policy solutions. And we know that a child's health should not come at the cost of their housing.

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Achieving Equity in Lead Poisoning Prevention Policy Making