Good Process + Great People = Healthy Kids


Did you know that the Healthy Homes Coalition is the number one source of referrals for the Get the Lead Out! home repair program? It’s no surprise given the expert work of Jackie Hernandez, our Community Connections Coordinator.  

Jackie will modestly tell you that Healthy Homes was the number one source of intakes because “our approach is what sets us apart.” According to Jackie, the key to Healthy Homes’ approach is “meeting people where they're at, and not waiting for them to come to us."  This means Jackie is frequently found with Leaddie the Lead-asaurus at outreach events meeting people that might be interested in the program. It means meeting people where they are most comfortable, often dropping off and reviewing applications with participants in their homes. 

Executive Director Paul Haan will tell you that, while the Healthy Homes Coalition has a good approach, it is Jackie that is making it happen. “Jackie is unapologetic in her passion for helping kids and families succeed. Whether it’s her role as a Godfrey Lee school board member or her work at Healthy Homes, Jackie is 100% prepared to take action for her community!”

It can also mean helping to remove the barriers that get in the way of participation.  Jackie helps by making applications easier to understand, taking the time to break it down into small bites. She also helps participants gather all the documents necessary and might even bring the application to the City when it’s completed. Jackie tailors her approach to help parents feel comfortable enough to fill out the application to completion and successfully turn it in.  

In her first year at the Healthy Homes Coalition, Jackie has helped 24 families get the lead out of their homes by successfully applying and being served by the program. This means Jackie, along with all of her other outreach duties, has helped more than two dozen kids dodge the threat of lead poisoning!