Tasha's Story Helps Bring Change


When Tasha began attending Parents for Healthy Homes’ Monday Matters meetings, she wasn’t sure where she fit in. Tasha’s son was poisoned by lead in the ’90s. At the meetings, she found strength in learning she wasn’t the only one that had to fight for her child.

Tasha was concerned when she first learned her son had a high lead level and her providers said they needed to “keep an eye on it.” She was diligent about keeping retesting appointments, and when her son’s levels continued to rise, she began researching on her own. The more she learned, the more she was concerned.

She was losing sleep monitoring her son for symptoms. After her son’s levels rose to a 13, she demanded a solution. She received a referral to the Kent County Health Department. The Health Department sent a home nurse and a professional to test the house for lead. The results of the lead investigation were then given to Tasha and the owner of the property. Repairs were made to the home, and her son’s lead levels began to drop.

Twenty-four years later, Tasha joined Parents for Healthy Homes for a meeting at the Kent County Health Department. She wasn’t scheduled to be there, but a last-minute appeal by Sarah, a fellow Parents for Healthy Homes member, convinced her to attend. Tasha was able to share at that meeting how the Health Department helped her son many years ago. Her story was then shared with the Kent County Board of Commissioners in a successful appeal to fund more lead investigations.

“I was at the table, I was nervous, but to sit at the table and hear other parents that share the same hurt for their child... I felt connected, overjoyed. My spirit was happy because my son is 24 now, and I may not be able to help him, but I was still able to help all these other kids.”

Tasha’s son is living with the effects of lead into his adulthood, it’s what motivates her to fight to protect children from exposure. She says, “you don’t find a lot of parent groups that have the support, and they’re trying to take action... there is a small group of us, but we fight for so many parents.”