Raise the Standards on Lead


This past spring, Parents for Healthy Homes and the Healthy Homes Coalition worked successfully with county leaders to secure an investment to ensure that homes that lead-poison children once do not lead poison children a second time. In April, the County Board of Commissioners approved funding to hire two investigators to go to homes where children are poisoned to identify hazards and ensure they are promptly fixed.

Now parents and Healthy Homes want to raise community standards further by ensuring housing is safe before children are lead-poisoned. One missed opportunity is when rental housing is inspected. The Healthy Homes Coalition believes that more can be done at the point of inspection, including dust wipe sampling that reveals lead hazards that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Recently the National Center for Healthy Housing provided the “TACTIC Report” to the City of Grand Rapids, uncovering missed opportunities and potential for Grand Rapids to raise the standard for healthier housing for children. The Healthy Homes Coalition supports the recommendations of that report, which can be read at healthyhomescoalition.org/uploads/files/TACTIC.pdf