Contributing to Community


When Hugo, Jenn, and Lisa go to homes to help stop kids from hurting, their first order of business is to identify the things that are making the greatest contribution to harming children. Once they assess the environment, they know how much various factors are contributing to the problem.

At Healthy Homes, we talk about contributions all the time.

Some contributions can hurt a lot—like the contribution of toxic lead dust on a floor where a toddler is learning to crawl.

Other contributions help, like being able to provide our families simple tools like mops, buckets, and vacuum cleaners. Providing knowledge helps. Contributing a listening ear helps.

The trick is to stop contributing to problems, and to relentlessly contribute to solutions.

To be relentless, the best contributions must come naturally. Mary and Humberto Alvarez know this.  That is why every generous contribution they make to Healthy Homes has to do with their delicious tamales or tacos. Because that is what they do best.  And they are generous enough to offer their support by providing tamales for donor luncheons and tacos for a Cinco de Mayo fundraiser.

It’s that simple.  They relentlessly do what they do best, and generously do it for the kids.

Do you have a natural talent or connection that can be shared to help stop kids from hurting? Join us for some of Mary and Humberto’s tamales in 2020 by attending a Food for Thought lunch and let’s talk!