Working Remotely to Help Families Have Safer Homes


While Healthy Homes' staff left the office and began working remotely back in March of this year, our commitment to help parents provide healthier homes for their children continues. This unique partnership is easy for Healthy Homes, because keeping parents in the driver's seat has always been one of our core values. Our strategic plan says "we will use a family-centered approach to promote housing environments where children thrive and achieve their highest potential."

Here are some ways staff are working to better partner with parents during this time.

  • Hugo has been surveying parents to identify their tech capacity needs and preferences and has helped Healthy Homes step up its efforts at translating materials.
  • Lisa has pioneered the use of Doxy, a secure video chat platform, to connect with families to provide updated asthma education through face-to-face calls. 
  • Jenn has been working to help families with children with asthma access free "prescription" face masks and hand sanitizer covered by Medicaid health plans.

And here are some ways parents are taking action while they stay safe at home.

  • To prevent exposure to lead in dust, one family re-painted an old, chipping window sill that was accessible to their child.
  • One mom has taken what she learned from a contractor that Healthy Homes hired at a previous address and applied her new skills to replace old dusty carpet with cleanable hard flooring. She has finished one bedroom and is now working on a second child's bedroom floor.
  • Another super-mom in the 49507 ZIP code has also replaced the old carpet in her asthmatic son's bedroom. She has also installed new tile in her kitchen and bathroom for a fresh look and smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. 

While the future will certainly have its challenges, know that Healthy Homes is working to adapt to those new realities in order to keep our community's children safe.