Taking Precautions and Helping Families


Very carefully, the staff at the Healthy Homes Coalition is working to support parents as they make their homes healthier for their children. Earlier this week, Jennifer Spiller made a run in her little, red Escort wagon to deliver two HEPA vacuums and a window air conditioning unit, along with other supplies, to families with children with poorly managed asthma. The vacuum cleaners will help the families be more successful in cleaning up allergens, and the air conditioner will help a family manage dust mites as the humidity rises and dust mite season swings into full force.

Jenn is not the only one getting things done.  Hugo Claudin has been working to connect a number of families to our friends at Home Repair Services to get water leaks fixed. He has also been piloting an effort to support families with installing their own smoke alarms at a time when it is unsafe for us to send in staff.

Our newest team member, Lisa McKinney, has been perfecting the art of working with families remotely and has helped us tremendously with figuring out how to use technology to video chat with those we serve. One of her families is tackling a massive decluttering project so that allergens can be controlled.  The dumpster shows up next week!