Lead Hazards Discovered Just In Time


Not a moment too soon, Felicia Steen discovered that there was a considerable amount of lead paint in her home. Upon discovering that she has dangerously high levels of lead in her windowsills, Felicia began working with the Healthy Homes Coalition to reduce her 6 month-old daughter's chance of being poisoned by lead.

Baby Jordan is still too young to be tested for lead, but as she begins to crawl and explore the world around her, she will be be more and more at risk.

Felicia was shocked by how much lead was in her house. "I didn’t know anything about lead paint and how dangerous it could be,” Felicia explained. When she learned about the risks of lead poisoning from her nurse, Felicia wanted to get her home inspected to protect Jordan.

When she heard that the Healthy Homes Coalition could help her, she called immediately. Jenn and Kyle from Healthy Homes went to her home and did a visual assessment.  They taught Felicia how to take dust wipe samples to check for lead dust in the home.

Felicia’s living room window tested ten times higher than the EPA's recommendation.  To help, the Healthy Homes Coalition gave her supplies and showed her how to do lead-safe cleaning. After cleaning and repainting the windowsills, the levels came back below EPA standards.

“Lead paint is a scary factor because it could cause my baby to have brain damage,” said Felicia.  She is thankful that the Healthy Homes Coalition was able to help her make her home more secure for little Jordan.

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