Protecting Their Sons


Steve and Katie Harvey had no idea how much they would discover about the hazards in their home when they called the Healthy Homes Coalition.

While going through the program, the Harveys encountered an alarming situation. Their youngest son tested for high levels of lead in his blood. “It was scary and unexpected,” said Katie.

Jenn and Kyle from Healthy Homes taught the Harveys how to check their home for lead dust. Thankfully the levels of lead dust in the home were low.

With their own home ruled out, the Harveys wondered where the exposure could have come from. Katie thought that it could have been a result of the boys spending considerable amounts of time at her sister’s house, which was known to have high levels of lead dust.

The Harveys immediately began to do everything they could to lower their youngest son’s blood lead level. Katie was grateful that Jenn and Kyle taught her a lot about how to mop the floors to prevent dust with lead in it from collecting. The blood lead levels of their youngest son came back lower after retesting. They were successful in part due to the information provided by the Health Homes Coalition.

Though their home did not have high levels of lead dust, there were still other safety hazards of which the Harveys had been unaware. Three rooms were without smoke detectors and their stove had a gas leak, which they wouldn’t have suspected with it being a new appliance.

“We now feel much more prepared about protecting our family from current hazards and future ones. We both went into the program learning quite a bit,” said Katie. “We are very happy with what Healthy Homes was able to do for us.”

The Harveys’ son is no longer at risk for lead poisoning thanks to the information shared by Healthy Homes.  The Harveys are now able to protect their family from current and future hazards.