GRBJ Highlights Efforts of Get the Lead Out!


A recent article in Grand Rapids Business Journal highlights the significant economic investment that comes with childhood lead poisoning prevention. 

According to the report, "In the last decade, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has funded 65 percent of lead remediation in the city of Grand Rapids, with a combined total of $23 million (invested) from HUD and matching funds."

HUD's investment in fixing houses for lead was a lifeline for contractors during the recent down turned economy.  When the housing market crashed and remodeling came to a standstill, the federal investment kept some contractors very busy.

The Business Journal reports that, "Since 1995, Grand Rapids has received the second highest HUD lead hazard control funding of any other city in the state — second only to Detroit by a surprisingly small margin. Grand Rapids received $16,015,506, about 20.6 percent of the funding, and Detroit received $19,849,890, about 25.5 percent."

To date, Get the Lead Out! has made 1,368 units in Grand Rapids lead safe, with 50 more to be completed by this summer. What that means at the end of the day is less lead poisoned kids, and more investment in both the current and future workforce.

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