Healthy Homes for Educational Success January Update


The Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan and partners met on September 17 for the second Healthy Homes for Educational Success all partner meeting. Program partners are engaged in and supportive of the updated program design.

Over the past few months, the Healthy Homes Coalition met with partner organizations to begin formalizing relationships through signing MOU's for the first program year (2016-2017). Additionally, work to determine program funding is underway. Conversations with the Governor's Office of Urban and Metropolitan Initiatives occur regularly and the program proposal has received much positive feedback.


What's next?

You can help! The Healthy Homes Coalition is currently seeking short-term funding support to launch Healthy Homes for Educational Success. This investment will support the first 18 months of operation, including final program development and 12 months of operations including significant interventions for low-income families with priority hazards. Long-term, it is expected that the scope of the program will expand the to reach all 4,200 low-income preschool children with a screening with 5% of those children (210) receiving interventions. The Healthy Homes Coalition is developing this project with an eye towards sustainable revenue derived from those entities that share in the financial gain of early intervention. While foundation support may be needed for program launch and the first 1-3 years of operation, it is expected that the program can be positioned for self-sustaining revenue by year four.

With much positive feedback, Healthy Homes is currently working to determine both short- and long-term funding sources. Organizations interested in exploring Healthy Homes for Educational Success program sponsorship may contact the Healthy Homes Coalition.

Classroom resources

Though children spend most of their time at home, a large portion of their days are spent in the classroom as well. It is critical for the school environment not only to promote learning, but also to protect children’s health and wellbeing. The New Hampshire Asthma Collaborative provides resources on asthma triggers in the classroom at Thank you to Cynthia Coviak for sharing these resources with us!