Healthy Homes for Healthy Kids Helps Families Take Charge

When Laura's* son had an elevated lead level, a nurse with Cherry Health suspected the rental home could have lead hazards and referred the family to Healthy Homes. After helping the family perform dust wipe testing, Laura learned that their windows, entryway, and soil all had high lead levels. 

Contributing to Community

When Hugo, Jenn, and Lisa go to homes to help stop kids from hurting, their first order of business is to identify the things that are making the greatest contribution to harming children. Once they assess the environment, they know how much various factors are contributing to the problem.

At Healthy Homes, we talk about contributions all the time.

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One Family's Fight for a Healthy Home

In 2015, one of the Lopez* family’s five kids went to the emergency room because his asthma was out of control. With the help of Healthy Homes, the family was able to address indoor asthma triggers and got their son's asthma back under control.  A couple of years later the Lopez family moved into a new home.  With the knowledge they learned working with Healthy Homes in 2015, they knew there was a lot of work to be done to make it safe for their kids.  

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Three Pathways

In January 2014, the Healthy Homes Coalition began holding a series of one-on-one conversations with community leaders. We expected to get the word out about our mission. What we didn't expect was to be blessed with insightful guidance on how that mission can be advanced so that all children grow up in healthy housing.

Healthy Housing Leads to Community Success

Imagine that early childhood success is a new car that you have just purchased. Fresh off the lot, nothing is more important to you than the shiny new car that represents kids succeeding in school. But what if you fail to change the oil?