Asthma: The Overlooked Housing Hazard

While efforts to fix lead paint hazards in Grand Rapids are currently in process and in the news, it’s important to remember that asthma is another major health concern for children in the city.

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No hierva "Fabuloso"!

Sólo en el último mes, mi compañero Hannah y yo hemos estado alarmado de encontrar a dos familias quien hierven el producto “Fabuloso” hacer que la casa huele bien. Ambos de las madres con quien hablamos tienen niños con el asma, y nos dijeron que conocen a otras familias que hacen lo mismo con el Fabuloso. Como especialistas de casas saludables, Hannah y yo hemos visitado tantas casas donde el Fabuloso es el limpiador favorito de la familia, especialmente por resulto de la fragancia que tiene. El proceso de hervir el Fabuloso fortaleza el olor del producto, pero no es el uso comercializado para el producto.


Seasonal Asthma Tips

It's back to school season for our kiddos and parents should be aware of all asthma symptoms and triggers. Healthy Homes is providing 5 helpful tips.


Learning From Detroit

Recently, Healthy Homes staff Paul Haan, Jennifer Spiller, and Hannah Gilliam took a trip to Detroit to visit CLEARCorps/Detroit. Learn more about what they experienced.

Don't Boil Fabuloso! Your Favorite Smells Might Be Triggering Your Child's Asthma

In just the past month of visiting homes with my co-worker Hannah, we have been alarmed to come across two different families who heat Fabuloso in a pot on the stove in order to make the house smell nice. Both of the moms we spoke with had children with asthma and mentioned that heating Fabuloso was something that others they knew were also doing. Concerned about the safety of this practice, I took a quick look at the back of a bottle of Lavender-scented Fabuloso and read the warning label: “DO NOT DRINK..."

Matthew Breathes Easier!

This spring, our Healthy Housing Specialist Jennifer Spiller began working with Luom and her 5-year-old son, Matthew. Matthew’s asthma was causing him to have a lot of sleepless nights from waking up coughing. Luom was already working with Matthew’s doctor and the Asthma Network of West Michigan to control his asthma, and Healthy Homes was invited to assess their home to see if his environment might be worsening his symptoms.

Healthy Homes Coalition Part of National "Pay for Success" Demonstration Project

Today, the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI), a grantee of the Social Innovation Fund’s (SIF) Pay for Success program, and its collaboration partner Calvert Foundation, selected five service providers to participate in regional Pay for Success (PFS) projects. The Healthy Homes Coalition, along with Health Net and the Asthma Network were selected as service providers for the Grand Rapids, MI project.  These organizations will partner with Spectrum Health and Priority Health to develop and implement a local model for west Michigan.

Giving Thanks for Healthy Homes

There are many neighbors and parents like Grasiela who are thankful for the Healthy Homes Coalition this holiday season.  They are thankful for Healthy Homes, and we're thankful for our supporters.

49507! Project Creates Opportunity for Healthy Homes

Last summer, the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan received a $1.42 million settlement from Wells Fargo Bank after claiming the bank neglected foreclosed properties in predominately black neighborhoods in the 49507 zip code. By partnering with the Healthy Homes Coalition, some of that settlement is being used to make neighborhood housing healthier.

Combining In-Home Education with Housing Interventions Improves Childhood Asthma Control

“Like other chronic health problems, preventing and controlling asthma is not just about individual behavior. It takes changing the unhealthy environments where people live, and supporting them to develop the knowledge and skills,” said Dr. James Krieger, chief of the Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Section at Public Health–Seattle and King County.