Como Prevenir los Acaros del Polvo en tu Casa

Los ácaros del polvo son uno de los desencadenantes más comunes de alergia y asma que se encuentran en el hogar. Pero hay algunos pasos simples que puede tomar para reducir su exposición en el hogar, y la mejor parte es que no necesitará comprar pesticidas o equipos costosos.


How to Prevent Dust mites in your Home

Dust mites are one of the most common allergy and asthma triggers found in the home. But there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your exposure at home, and the best part is you won’t need to purchase pesticides or costly equipment.

Fragrance, Asthma, and Indoor Air Quality:

Do you have asthma, and have you experienced sneezing, wheezing, or itchy watery eyes when exposed to perfume or room deodorizers? Fragrance sensitivity may be impacting your asthma. When there are a lot of fragrances in an environment, even people without asthma may experience these types of symptoms.  

Fragancia, Asma y Calidad del Aire Interior

¿Tiene asma y ha experimentado estornudos, sibilancias o picazón en los ojos llorosos cuando se expone a perfumes o desodorantes de la habitación? La sensibilidad a la fragancia puede estar afectando su asma. Cuando hay muchas fragancias en un ambiente, incluso las personas sin asma pueden sentir este tipo de síntomas. 

One Family's Fight for a Healthy Home

In 2015, one of the Lopez* family’s five kids went to the emergency room because his asthma was out of control. With the help of Healthy Homes, the family was able to address indoor asthma triggers and got their son's asthma back under control.  A couple of years later the Lopez family moved into a new home.  With the knowledge they learned working with Healthy Homes in 2015, they knew there was a lot of work to be done to make it safe for their kids.  

Let's Double-Down for Children with Asthma Like Louian

Little Louian's recently renovated home was in good condition, yet there were still things about the home environment that triggered Louian's asthma. Things had gotten so out of control that Louian ended up in the emergency room four times in a year. Healthy Homes provided Louian's mom with the knowledge, skills, and tools she needed to take action.

But this is just one of many families in need of support. Asthma attacks are the leading reason kids are going to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital’s emergency room.  We need to do more to keep children like Louian from hurting, and we can with your help.

Healthy Housing Goes Global

​In November of 2018, the World Health Organization stepped firmly into the healthy housing world when it released its WHO Housing and Health Guidelines. While local conditions are different all over the world, the strategies WHO suggests are universal and certainly apply to Grand Rapids.

Asthma: The Overlooked Housing Hazard

While efforts to fix lead paint hazards in Grand Rapids are currently in process and in the news, it’s important to remember that asthma is another major health concern for children in the city.

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No hierva "Fabuloso"!

Sólo en el último mes, mi compañero Hannah y yo hemos estado alarmado de encontrar a dos familias quien hierven el producto “Fabuloso” hacer que la casa huele bien. Ambos de las madres con quien hablamos tienen niños con el asma, y nos dijeron que conocen a otras familias que hacen lo mismo con el Fabuloso. Como especialistas de casas saludables, Hannah y yo hemos visitado tantas casas donde el Fabuloso es el limpiador favorito de la familia, especialmente por resulto de la fragancia que tiene. El proceso de hervir el Fabuloso fortaleza el olor del producto, pero no es el uso comercializado para el producto.


Seasonal Asthma Tips

It's back to school season for our kiddos and parents should be aware of all asthma symptoms and triggers. Healthy Homes is providing 5 helpful tips.