Como Prevenir los Acaros del Polvo en tu Casa

Los ácaros del polvo son uno de los desencadenantes más comunes de alergia y asma que se encuentran en el hogar. Pero hay algunos pasos simples que puede tomar para reducir su exposición en el hogar, y la mejor parte es que no necesitará comprar pesticidas o equipos costosos.


How to Prevent Dust mites in your Home

Dust mites are one of the most common allergy and asthma triggers found in the home. But there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your exposure at home, and the best part is you won’t need to purchase pesticides or costly equipment.

Green Cleaning before Disinfecting!

There is a step before disinfecting that many might skip.  You might think, “to save some time, why not just spray the counters down with a bleach solution and wipe away any dirt and grime at the same time?”  But to effectively disinfect a surface, it must be properly cleaned first. Switching to green-cleaning (before disinfection!) will improve your home's air quality, remove harsh chemicals from your environment and help you stay safe at home.

Limpieza Ecologica Antes de Desinfectar!

Hay un paso antes de desinfectar que muchos podrían omitir. Para ahorrar algo de tiempo, ¿por qué no simplemente rociar los mostradores con una solución de cloro  y limpiar la suciedad y la mugre al mismo tiempo? Para desinfectar efectivamente una superficie, primero debe limpiarse adecuadamente. Mejorará la calidad del aire de su hogar, eliminará los productos químicos agresivos de su entorno y lo ayudará a mantenerse seguro en su hogar.

Fragrance, Asthma, and Indoor Air Quality:

Do you have asthma, and have you experienced sneezing, wheezing, or itchy watery eyes when exposed to perfume or room deodorizers? Fragrance sensitivity may be impacting your asthma. When there are a lot of fragrances in an environment, even people without asthma may experience these types of symptoms.  

Fragancia, Asma y Calidad del Aire Interior

¿Tiene asma y ha experimentado estornudos, sibilancias o picazón en los ojos llorosos cuando se expone a perfumes o desodorantes de la habitación? La sensibilidad a la fragancia puede estar afectando su asma. Cuando hay muchas fragancias en un ambiente, incluso las personas sin asma pueden sentir este tipo de síntomas. 

Furnace Filter 101

As we all shelter in place one of the things that will matter most to all of us is the quality of our indoor air. This is especially challenging for children with asthma and other at-risk populations with respiratory concerns. With COVID-19 in the area, this is of particular concern.

Vapor Intrusion. Is Your Family At Risk?

When discussing the environmental dangers that could affect a family within the home setting many images come to mind. However, few are aware of one particular danger that is becoming more and more prevalent within our Michigan communities, vapor intrusion. Possible health problems that can be caused by vapor intrusion include negative impacts on cognitive and motor functions, several types of cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, and effects on the immune system.

Don't Just Spring Clean - Green Clean!

With Spring around the corner, remember that there are ways you can reduce chemical exposure in the home by cleaning with safe products. Household products like lemon, baking soda and vinegar can be used as safe alternatives to harsh chemicals. See this entry for more detailed green cleaning ideas.